If you are looking to buy a property in Spain and you considering financing part of your purchase with a Spanish mortgage, we can put you into touch with banks who can explain you exactly how it would work. Non-residents can borrow up to 70% of the purchase price, all depending on the circumstances which will be checked by the banks.

Mortgage Option 30% – based on 2,6% fixed interest rate over 20 years

Property Price: €120,000
Mortgage Value 70%: €84,000
Monthly Payment: €120,000
Deposit 30%: €36,000
Notary / Taxes / Fees: €13,700
Mortgage set-up fee: €4,725
Total Buyers Completion costs: €102,425



Disclaimer: The above example are based on mortgage products available at the time of publication, however they are meant as a guide only and cannot be guaranteed to every client at any time. As a guide, shorter mortgage terms will mean lower interest rates. The featured property was available to purchase at the time of publication but its availability cannot be guaranteed to every client at any time. The included buying fees/charges are also a guide only.